Kristina in Epic 18X


$50 per hour for 1-3 students.

Prices include all required equipment.

There may be an additional insurance charge for advanced classes.

Half & Full Day Tours

4 Hour Tour $150

8 Hour Tour $350

Includes all required equipment (boat, paddle, life vest safety equipment).

Multi-Day Trips

$185/day per person, double occupancy in a tent.  

$200/day per person, meals included (Lunch Saturday through Lunch Sunday)

Price includes guides/instructors, kayaks, all paddling gear, tent camping supplies.  You provide clothing, sheets/pillows and any desired alcoholic beverages.

Gift Certificates are available

Provide a loved one with the gift of better skill, more efficiency or enhanced safety.

Order  customized gift certificates by email or phone.  The certificate will be emailed, perfect for last minute purchases.